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closing the radio believe that the. church in new delhi who took. eighty one two three collections removed the clothes of the maidens who believe that it was the leader medicine and it was punished with a precocious promise. violence between would be as a pro and anti-government forces shows no sign of easing but they're united on one issue their opposition to foreign intervention. in europe takes in an influx of immigrants from north africa but one british town is already struggling to deal with the tensions between a large muslim community and angry nationalists. and unifying issue or a new stumbling block to finding common ground over libya expect to be part of discussions during u.s. vice president joe biden's visit to russia.
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six pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story in libya more than a thousand people are now thought to have died in weeks of fighting between rebels and government forces even though all sides have told foreign forces to stay out of the conflict about it hasn't stopped the u.s. from putting its military on alert to intervene or the u.k. and france from pushing the u.n. to back a no fly zone or he's correspondents inside libya on a boy pose in the opposition stronghold benghazi policy or has more from the capital tripoli. we know that the fighting. and as for himself he continues to cling to power just yesterday to sleep here on this hotel where i'm talking to you from. two hundred journalists waiting for eight hours and what we have been told would be a grace conference in which he would say something he said nothing and this kind of erratic behavior you don't really know what he's about to say what he's about to do
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something. in terms of how to deal with situation on the ground now he did go on state television where he did once again late pharmaceutically the greatest instigator it's mine and he said that they were back in the vehicles and as such they had to chance that it was very much the same message and he libyan foreign minister mr hussein he said well it's not my foreigners. oh i'm all of it's clear. what the proof is the group has great powers in supporting them first of all by britain which is it. serves the u.k. has several visits negotiations and offered help the same situation is with france and the us. oil and gold resources and this rivalry is going on there is a new push on the international stage for ignorant flight certainly krantz off to
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great solution for on the table despite the fact that it has been rejected by the arab league by russia and like turkey and no fly zone might against all planes what is important to note that if there is no science and doesn't beat cricket it seems increasingly likely that it right it will have a limited impact because it's any kind of ground offensive or possibly launched by its troops at the same time nato has begun a twenty four hour day immelt surveillance over the country now. why he tell the information about him and. such they can be turned into intelligence. tools. we also know that it's often said that the. charges against. the five hundred might even one and the other parts of it excuse for some kind of
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military intervention all right thank you paula for that report well it's clear that gadhafi doesn't want foreigners to intervene let's turn now to our he's our son of boyko in benghazi so how are the rebels reacting to the claims of their being backed by the west now the opposition of course denies these claims in private they started. a recent direst meant to be a british intelligence services are group here ghazi a group that was briefly are arrested. back home local leaders say that they do not want any foreign intervention in fact they say if indeed it happens if planes are regularly into the hands of the ad they're very adamant that these uprising whatever it's not remains to be seen as. as a canyon after all of the. people the majority of the population including the.
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gadhafi do not want foreign intervention because that is the wrong scenario what washington is aiming at is this. could rule over the oil reserves which constitute billions and billions of dollars of proceeds with. some of the opposition leaders told us today that they're now so. to accumulate all of their resources that. they have to. get out of the town of. or not the opposition forces will be able to counter offensive. it still remains the best thing that our army is pretty much just in korea and they help weapons but they're very poorly trained at the same time the only thing that i would say is on their side is that. they're very crazy been trying to find new means of fighting and here's a guy what i mean our next story. they call it the vehicle of the free
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pickup trucks have long been popular in the desert but their four wheel drive power easily conquers detroit you're a sense it's certainly been maybe one of the very few places on earth that seems to have pick up trucks that even the u.s. state of texas people here like this car for its nobility versatility and strong action and it's these fascination with pickup trucks that allow the uprising in eastern libya to pick up steam please father bought this truck a few years ago for his family business his son at the twenty five year old economics student now sets out for the front line says you know it's a very good car especially when there's a done and we'll be able to use it but now i can go and fight for my country. ever since their rising began almost three weeks ago columns of rubble pickup trucks have been crisscrossing the desert iran been ghazi rebel say the vehicles in the
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village he allows them to dodge attacks from pro-government forces and has more than once saved their lives we got thrown by bombs. and we were trying to. get everybody to work these old pieces of soviet or more have been rusting on the main in down from and of been ghazi ever since the rebels took over the city they now serve as a playground for kids and symbols of defeat for the despised regime. this man was among hundreds of young officers who were in the 1980's were sent to still beat military academies are quite good at his government now a staunch critic of the libyan leader he says tanks like the gadhafi regime have a long while to leave their days but. all this heavy armor is no different that's why pickup trucks came in the humvee with slight modifications that can easily be converted to trying to round rocket launchers and machine guns utilizing the
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utility vehicles for rapid attacks is hardly a libyan invention pickup trucks have long been a feature of mortar and warfare you see tend to see patterns and certain vehicles are used by the u.s. military in the u.s. government so it was in afghanistan before it's in afghanistan now it's even in afghanistan. and once you supply pickup trucks that help afghan insurgents fight soviet troops three decades ago now it's leave behind that wheel and they're at a crossroads wondering which way to drive that country next at some point are at sea been ghazi. he used foreign policy chief has reaffirmed means determination to stop the violence in libya with more sanctions are expected to be handed down friday political writer tim gatto says some european nations and the u.s. are being hypocritical when they talk of humanitarian issues in libya. i know what they're doing this they're saying that. he is killing all these people you know all
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the rebels and civilians on the ground and they want to there's a humanitarian it seems to be a libya but meanwhile in dark there are some people dying left and right and you haven't heard anybody say they want to send military force to get off work because they are for this boy i think it's the accusation great name for a head again uses this as an excuse to recon eyes libya and take their own lives i think that by lifelong a first step military operation against libya because then it would provide its uses and then doing a american might that shut down and. whatever where they shot on one of our shared so it would just give them an excuse to invade them because a no fly zone starts with a military operation and i believe that they just look at granite state is that going to the and going to the. united states the arabs are going to look at us and
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say this is the very middle eastern country is the third arab country that we believe in based. during this period of unrest in the arab world saudi arabia america's staunchest ally in the region has been spared largely thanks in part to a strictly enforced ban on public protests today our teams peter lavelle and guess discussed what the future might hold for the middle east richest nation crossed are coming your way in the next hour here's a preview. the growing sandstorm in the arab middle east as change sweeps the region to saudi arabia immune to outside influences us president barack obama says he supports democracy and the aspirations of the people does this apply to the kingdom of saudi. two years after russia and united states press the symbolic reset button in their relations vice president joe biden is now visiting moscow his visit is seen as
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a chance to check on the progress of this reset especially with the difficult issues of libya and membership are going to be obstacles or he's a catarina groucho's following the events. put it was actually joe biden who first introduced the phrase which has become legendary to push the reset button to describe obama's asked for its to improve relations with russia now two years old this visit is aimed at assessing where relations stand to meet way through president obama's term and to try to put the progress in this recess the timing of the visit is perfect it comes on the hills of a success moving with a new strategic arms reduction treaty though some very touchy issues are still very high on the agenda between moscow and washington like the contentious issue of missile defense in europe after years of opposition the u.s. finally agreed to clue russia in negotiating with nato on an anti
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a ballistic missile plan for europe which the u.s. believes could be needed if iran comes up with nuclear weapons but russia was to be offered an adequate level of cooperation on that turns for many years this topic has been one of the main the returns in relations between the two in other touchy issues w t o most households w two accession for it for a decade and a half now it's way more than any other member of the organization and of course the common expects from with washington patna more than just rhetoric on that but there was wide speculation indeed in the russian media regarding why joe biden is most scales and one of the popular versions was that the treaty could be seen as a sign that barack obama openly supports president medvedev in the country's next presidential poll however the u.s. office dismissed those claims and said that it's not up to them to influence russia's domestic affairs and that they also stress that apart from meeting with
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the current political leaders joe biden will be also holding talks with civil society leaders and with the opposition leaders any of whom could be a potential candidate for russia. those top job in a year from now to put those speculations aside ward so will most certainly be put on the table in talks with prime minister putin and present with the ease the current police gold prices in the middle east levy is very high on the agenda it's a very pressing need she as the u.s. is considering imposing imposing a no fly zone over libya and of course the u.s. needs russia supports them but as russia has a veto on the u.n. security council without it saying yes to no fly zone she could not been forced. more now on joe biden's visit to russia i'm joined by moscow based political analyst good to have you with us so what do you think are the stumbling blocks in russia u.s. relations when it comes to libya. i believe the. president
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. is very important for both the russia washington in fact. racial badly needs a good relation with russia because that in fact. much depends on russian position as far as i'll going to start on iran or middle east because. russia of calls is very interested in promoting its w t o membership and establishing good relation with the united states in order to be. in two thousand and eleven after seventeen years of very difficult negotiation. joy hard it is asian what do you think are the ways to reach common ground on this
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issue of libya. i believe that balls russia and the united states are concerned about. and the fact that russia supported the resolution which imposes sanctions against gadhafi it demonstrates the. seriously it's a down. but i believe that there are some differences still between moscow and washington on. the. specific measures to be taken against the must seem. very eager to use military force against. the government and now addressing i guess more those differences biden's visit is seen as an attempt to upgrade the russian u.s.
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why do you think this visit is important now. i believe that. the american relations. improving but still there are plenty of points where russia and america are. in the context i believe that vice president biden's visit is designed to find more common ground on the key issues besides the i believe that obama administration needs to excess in the foreign policy of pending the presidential elections next year and. good relations. could be good. for obama in his presidential campaign next year. political analyst
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thank you for joining us. thousands of muslim refugees escaping violence in north africa have found their way to europe but what they will find our nation is already struggling to live with their own immigrant populations in the british town of luzon a large muslim community is now being confronted by a strong far right sentiment or and it takes a lot. mosques hate jobs and how shops a scene straight from the bazaars of the orient but this is luton north of london home to some twenty five thousand muslims of british and other origins one of them was time or. better known now as the stockholm bomber abdul qadeer bax knew him and describes a volatile character rejected by the community at large when he was here he was challenged his ideologies is think these were challenged we challenged him and when we realised he was unchanging we expose him to everybody every member of this part
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of this community he got up and walked out and we never saw him again the next day heard our abdulle had blown himself up in sweden and that's just the latest claim to infamy falutin which is fast becoming known as a hotbed of extremism the town's been linked to a variety of terrorist plots and they leaked british intelligence reports identified leeson as one of the main hubs of fanaticism in the country extremism breeds extremism and in steps the english defense league committed to protecting england from what they see as a wave of islam is a leader tommy robinson believes he's walking where others fear to tread we have called the chip market. with grave concerns in our community and we need somebody to voice and sometimes the politicians are not doing it they're not doing it right then so the a.d.l. cool new to their home although others say their roots are in football hooliganism
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they recently held their biggest ever march through the town ahead of which robinson says the police told him his life was in danger your opinion for years they may be appropriate if you leave the area for the foreseeable future the town of lucent has undeniable links to islamic extremism including most recently to stop the famed bomber he spent time here and that in turn leads directly to the guy. is it groups like the a.d.l. you believe in good day is under threats meanwhile the people at least in see their town in the headlines because of extremists from both sides of the fence the towns and b.p. says the boss majority if you live in harmony and a distressed by their homes image but we can do a piece and for me to stand quietly peacefully and show it then forced for security as this town and this country face you don't believe to work so this organization. and he still came from his family
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claims england attending him from a normal boy into a fanatic some points to unemployment since social deprivation is the reason for the extremes found in luton but pax lays the blame squarely at the doors of the government before nine eleven we have ever had these but these type of issues this is developes is not a level it was board policy that's what spots with a stop go is iraq you know it you know it is illegal war killing women children so it's awful though it's afghanistan you know carpet bombing indiscriminately meanwhile walls thousands of miles away make their presence felt in looted where every so often shopkeepers boarded up the town center and prepare for the hurricane of extremism to pass three. nights in. and out of some other stories making headlines across the globe thirty six people have been killed almost one hundred injured after a suicide bomber struck a funeral procession in pakistan witnesses say a teenager detonated himself as hundreds of anti taliban militia men hold prayers
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the taliban has claimed responsibility saying it was a retaliating for the tribesmen support of the government. serbia and kosovo are holding talks for the first time since kosovo declared itself independent three years ago and he was mediating negotiations as relations between both sides remain tense with serbia denied. in kosovo sovereignty for that reason the focus is on more day to day issues including trade an air traffic conflict between the two with the ninety's left thousands dead mostly ethnic albanians before kosovo was placed under un control. dozens of to bed now act of exiled tibetan activists have been detained by police at a protest outside the chinese embassy in india around sixty tibetans took over the rons near the embassy where they shouted anti china slogans the demonstration was held on the eve of the upcoming out of a story of a failed to bed an uprising against chinese rule in two thousand and eight which
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twenty two people killed. me to read dimitri medvedev goes up next with our latest business news stay with us here on our. own welcome to business i'd say good to have your company russia's economy seeing a windfall from the steep rise in global energy prices that's on the back of instability in the middle east and in north africa while producing cartel opec and that are increasing while production to boost the climbing world output however am a say the situation could help russia win new customers notably in asia. but this comes at an interesting time for russia because in the last couple of years in the last year and meticulous russia has made great strides in supplying oil to the far east particularly through eastern siberia pipeline and through the port of cosmonaut there and into china you know i think so far child russia's had a little bit of a p.r. battle on its hands because most asia which after all is the growth markets tend to
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prefer supplies out of the middle east because they're known for being stable and reliable this these events of the last few weeks that really caused a lot of importers to pause for thought the japanese the koreans and the chinese and i think it's making them more favorably disposed to building up a relationship with russia where they might not have been before. russia's oil majors are also looking across the atlantic the country's largest private producer luc while a scouting for investment in u.s. shale fields because he wants to use u.s. high tech drilling technology in russia's oil rich deposits as they are difficult to drill the company's already experimenting in the west siberia which is thought to hold a large resources of liquid hydrogen. surging energy prices can speed up global inflation but rushing the scheme to keep its growth in check. the energy ministry and the monopoly service to keep an eye on the domestic petrol not get. to limit pollution and try to use must be market based we do not want to undermine the
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country's oil producers but all speculation and corporate collusions must be excluded the price must be decided by demand and supply and not by any administrative sources. second to the markets now we start with oil of course and prices are up yet again with the turmoil middle east showing no sign of abating merrill lynch is up his forecast for crude brant prices saying they could briefly top one hundred fourteen dollars per barrel in the second it's up now this is causing investor sentiment to shift into negative territory in the united states and other markets because markets opened as you can see there in the red now jones down point three percent nasdaq point seven percent that's on the second anniversary of the bull market. european stocks are also lower british american tobacco is the biggest loser in london down more than three percent as england fans to battle displays twenty twelve shops. here in russia final minutes of trading for
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the nice takes on the r.t.s. sees the low of my sex down half a percent the r.t.s. one percent doubt the market is correcting following a strong previous week and taking on the negative sentiment from other markets banks are on the rise however with her back up point three percent supported by positive results of bank of america but low and nickel and copper futures are weighing on metal stocks with not as nickel down point seven percent. because of ensuring russian debt against default is falling to its lowest level in more than two years high oil prices are helping the world's largest energy exporter cut this year's record boring plans so-called credit default swaps slipped to one hundred twenty three in the last two weeks the biggest drop for any nation investors' confidence in russia's ability to repay debt is growing off the conflict in libya threatened oil. supplies from the region of the russian budget comes from oil and
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gas and higher group prices helped trim the plant growing by around seventeen billion dollars. the european central bank may be making a grave mistake by tightening its monetary policy that's according to nouriel roubini the notorious economist known as dr drew he claims high interest rates may seriously hits peripheral european countries struggling to restore export competitiveness however a chief economist from crispier says he's india's no other option the ground central banks do not take action global inflation and perhaps domestic inflation in many areas including russia starts to get out of control and then we have a very. very difficult situation when central banks will have no other option but to increase rates by significance a moment which definitely would push many economists toward standstill because the cost of creative the cost of money would increase and that would be not helpful
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from the point if you were for covering. sales of new cars and light trucks in russia accelerated by eighty percent in february person same period last year so if the asian of european business is calculated that seventy three thousand vehicles were sold washers and larger is the top seller helped by extended cash for clunkers program plans nice and came in second and this is what the market to return to pre-crisis levels from twenty thirteen up to two thousand. and that includes this edition of business will be back in less than one i was time with an update you can always check our website r.t. dot com forward slash business i like that. the.
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wealthy british style. is not on the rise. of the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on our.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day. culture is the so much going to the huge musician the power to conquer the market growing sandstorm in the arab middle east as change sweeps the region to saudi arabia immune to outside influences us. in indonesia ologies available in the ground shirts in media hotel the ritz carlton hotel motel hotel new millennium hotel in china you can see a sensor tell mccown's rocks are.


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